Adam and Amanda F.
Addition and "Facelift"

Our house before was bland. We weren’t sure it could be saved. We asked Dallimore Construction for a design with a breakfast niche and better entry. Their new design blew us away. With the design, they gave us an estimate for the work.

We can’t believe how different our house is now! We get compliments all the time. People stop and tell us how much they like our house. Our house is beautiful and fun to come home to, it’s exciting to look at.
Lynn F.
Kitchen Remodel

Compared to Others:
I’ve had my kitchen redone more than once . . . to compare Dallimore Construction with the other experiences is like night and day. Before, I had to make the other guys redo it and we didn’t get that much better of an outcome. The transformation has just really been amazing . . . I wanted every inch utilized and they felt the same way . . . it was so great to have them solve my problems for me. I just love my kitchen.

There was never any question about honesty, they were professional and took care of my house. It gave me peace of mind knowing that I didn’t have to be there. I would recommend them to everybody.